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The Duke Of Randwick’s Single ‘Nothing Or Everything’. “Peels Off His Chest. Reveals All.”

‘Mean and nasty’ is what we think about when we listen to THE DUKE OF RANDWICK’s single ‘Nothing Or Everything’. It’s the ‘ultimatum’ song that you desire for your scrawny self-confidence. It’s that ‘dedication’ to changing your ways.

It’s that proclamation to the powers-that-be (you), which controls your thoughts, your energy expenditures, and the way you can love someone so special in that cute dress.

She’s so special to you.

You want to give ALL of you to her.

But at this juncture, it’s uncertain, how much she wants from / of you.

It’s only been several months.

You racked your head to try to figure out what she wants from you, and the expanse of emotional gift she desires from you.

It has been harrowing, for you care so much – about the subject, and of her.

“Jack,” Diana said, as she held gently his cleft chin in her thumb and forefinger. “Don’t beat yourself up. Just ask me your question. I know what you’re going through.”

“I love you Diana. I do.”

She smiled. “I know.”



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