The Earnest Spears ‘Liar’ : The people must always be vigilant.

The Earnest Spears

Powered by fuzzy, powerful guitarwork, the new effort from the band does well to articulately transfer justifiable feelings of anger and frustration into a sub-3-minute bundle of energy.

Following sold out shows across Birmingham and their hometown of Worcester and dates supporting The Wytches and Press Club, The Earnest Spears have spent the past few months transferring their riotous live performance onto record.

With one successful EP under their belts that had huge support from BBC Hereford and Worcester, ‘Liar’ is the first offering from the band this year and precedes a string of upcoming singles set for release later this year.

“’Liar’ is a collective result of our frustrations at the current backwards political system with young people in mind,” said the band. “There’s such a rich vs. poor mindset that is very apparent and we’ve had enough. We’re sick of fake news, lying politicians and the lack of opportunities making it impossible for young people to progress. Fuck the lies! FUCK THE TORIES!”

Just like the world over, the have versus the have nots, push and pull for equality in treatment and equity in not being manipulated, in the purest sense. Power is the ultimate result for men and women who run this world. There’s only one force that can weigh to keep that wave of potential corruption at bay.

The people must always be vigilant.


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