The Effens ‘Pavement Age’ : Nostalgic grunge-aesthetics grind you into pulp – gently and effectively.

The Effens / Photo: Benjamin Lappalainen

Exciting. That’s where The Effens’ single ‘Pavement Age’ manifests and influences its goodness all over the world.

Nostalgic grunge-aesthetics grind you into pulp – gently and effectively – as the righteous galaxy of rockin’ guitars, null your senses to the current negativities of said universe.

Explosive and demonically, so-good, the Toronto based band’s ‘musical tirades’ meld beautifully inside your ear holes to bring out the smile from within.

Through self-producing, the band experimented with technical details/tricks and chose to abandon those same skills for the sake of creating something sincere.

Taking cues from artists like the Pixies, Nirvana, and The Strokes, The Effens aim to keep reminding all of us that ‘things will be better’.

‘Pavement Age’ is included in the new upcoming EP.

Oh, and The Effens DO make things better, indeed.


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