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The Empty Page // Liimo // The Titos // Riley and the Roxies // Robb Westlund

The Empty Page – He’s Very Good At Swimming

Manchester alt-punk band THE EMPTY PAGE’s single ‘He’s Very Good At Swimming’ is a palpable description of incredibly caustic situations, expertly diluted into digestible garage-rock morsels. Albeit, the chunk of colors in absolution might be too large for your palette,
He’s Very Good At Swimming’ is a change of pace that illustrates the band’s broad palette

Liimo – Pink In Heaven

Said frontman Kieran: “’Pink in Heaven’ was the first song that we wrote as Liimo and the one that started it all off really. It’s about being with someone who’s down for the struggle and with you through thick and thin, finding comfort in the little things and not giving a care for the things you lack in the material sense.” We’d said of Liimo: “The sweet must be devoured with the tart – life is more delicious that way. And in this single, the weird and the preoccupations that comes with levity and normalcy…” It’s the right pill for the days in pre-occupation. Kieran explained: “Liimo is an abbreviation of ‘little more’. The thread between our lyrics is that we aspire for a touch more of everything; a little bit more time, a little bit more money, a little more indulgence, a little more love. Sometimes these things aren’t the answer, but we’d sure like to try it out ourselves.”

The Titos – Better Day

Following up their 2018 EP ‘Standard Electric Sessions’, THE TITOS offer up some charming alt-southern indie single in ‘Better Day’. The classic rock sound is just underneath the skin of this lovely single. And as it melds like lovers in love with the vocals, the song just gets you smilin’. It’s a humbling side of eggs and bacon, as the full bellied satisfaction of a good job done, explodes with smooth rock vigor, droning and building ambience. The song is a 21 gun salute to those days gone by, and ever to come.

Riley and the Roxies – Lullaby

Sounding like coming out of the morning shower, singing and dancing to the tunes of the local FM station, RILEY AND THE ROXIES’ single ‘Lullaby’ is that love song for a grand ol’ time. Los Angeles based indie/rock/bedroom pop singer/songwriter is Spencer Riley and his project seems to get where we all want to go sometimes in this hectic life. His label called this: “..a song for you to swim to.” We get it. You should feel it. With ease.

Robb Westlund – Westfield

ROBB WESTLUND emphatically noted: “Made a punkish ballad. Not sure exactly what a ballad is. It’s about pulling yourself up from the loafer straps. Sold my boots.” That’s dedication. That’s passion. That’s confidence in talent and knowhow. And Robb possesses all. With ‘Westfield’, the fast paced rock n’ roll piano, drives the distinct and fascinating vocals of Robb’s to an atmosphere of excitement and curiosity. Adding to it, the pulp-like guitar work and solo, colors up this forward thinking single, a fabulous paint job for the variety show of our lives. Punkish indeed. More than that, for sure. Robb’s work is quite a festival.


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