The Entrepreneurs ‘Cinnamon Girl’ : Paramount of feelings and thoughtfulness, deserving such pleasures.

The Entrepreneurs

With a gigantic guitar hook that brings home the unique and wonderfulness of The Entrepreneurs, the single ‘Cinnamon Girl’ offers a paramount of feelings and thoughtfulness, deserving such pleasures.

From the upcoming sophomore album ‘Wrestler’, the band’s outrageous subtlety and constructive fervor, lays down absolute stunners in both technical and emotive resonance.

‘Cinnamon Girl’s arrangement is minimalistic, dense and full of quirky details, built around the bare guitar works and singer/guitarist Mathias Bertelsen’s vocal.

The Entrepreneurs started out as a duo when bass player Anders Hvass and Mathias met in their teens starting high school in northern Denmark.

Completing the sound with member Jonas Wetterslev, the trio of talented musicians, dig deep to enhance your sonic experience, to tap at the ceiling of the status quo.

Your status quo of musical experiences, starts with The Entrepreneurs.


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