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The Entrepreneurs Share Exhilarating ‘Joaquin’. Debut Album Drops February 1st, 2019.

THE ENTREPRENEURS is the latest in a line of fabulous bands the Copenhagen located record label Tambourhinoceros has signed. And for the first time, the band is ready to debut with an album with their new publishing partners, focused on February 1st, of 2019.

‘Joaquin’ is ‘exhilarating’ in our eyes (and ears). Crass, noisy, ruffled, buzzing, soft at parts, tender in others – the single rounds up the animals in the forest with a promise of a nice story around the camp fire. Then brings them college text books to read. Of course bi-focals are provided to the class. After all, we’re not animals.

It’s a jungle out there, as they say.

”The lyrics are all about breaking free from everything holding you back, and about those who are not breaking free from these bounds. All in all it’s a playful, naive and energetic track with heavy notes of nostalgia both lyrically and musically,” bass player Anders Hvass explains.

We’d never seen THE ENTREPRENEURS live. But we think (can imagine) how fun their live shows would be.

With an appetizer of a presentation like ‘Joaquin’, it’s evident and predictable that their music will be accepted and loved, wide and deep.

Their debut album ‘Noise & Romance’ drops Feb 1 (2019).



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