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THE ENTREPRENEURS Shares ‘Heroine’ And Is Ready To Conquer. Debut Album Drops Feb. 1, 2019.

THE ENTREPRENEURS’ new single from their upcoming debut album ‘Noise & Romance’ (Feb 1, 2019) is here, presented in this fantastic live session music video.

We’d been waiting eagerly for their debut album, for the band is, from EVERY ANGLE, is what you want in a band. And their songs are dynamic and forceful to the fibers in your brain, as you hear in this live session version.

So, so very good.

In every breath of the lyrics, the hard-rock raunchiness, and the blue-collar work of the guitars and vocals, just works like there’s nothing else.

The walls of madness, is in front of you. Your only hope is for the band’s ‘Heroine’ is there to shield, then descimate that dishonorable facet of a possible life.

‘Heroine’ is 6 minutes of ecstasy.

“With this track coming together we really felt like we hit the nerve of what we wanted our album to sound like. It was a first time for us creating a long intro like this and the way it came together put a new perspective on all our recordings going forward.” lead singer Mathias Bertelsen explained. “It’s about addiction in the way of being addicted to a woman – seeing her as a heroine totally blind to her flaws and errors.”

The house is on fire, from the second floor of your master bedroom, to the basement where your body shaping was conducted. The smoldering embers of that crumbling house, returns in another life – beckoned by the killer guitar riffs of Mathias and Anders Hvass, beckoned by the howling scowl of the vocals, and driven to total extravagance in the world pile-driven beautifully by the drumming of Jonas Wetterslev.

Beckoning, tortured, but in full flight.

You want to be there. Longer. Harder. Nothing can stop you.

Close your eyes, in the second chapter. Feel the force.

The Copenhagen based trio is what’s fierce in this indie-rock scene.

They’re ready to conquer.

We’ll be there. You should too.


Nov 8-11, 2018: Sorte Firkant Festival, Copenhagen (DK)
Jan 25, 2019: Tøjhuset, Fredericia (DK)
Jan 26, 2019: Northern Winter Beat, Aalborg (DK)
Jan 31, 2019: Thy, Thisted (DK)
Feb 1, 2019: Radar, Aarhus (DK)
Feb 2, 2019: Templet, Lyngby (DK)
Feb 8, 2019: Mantziusgården, Birkerød (DK)
Feb 9, 2019: Tapperiet, Køge (DK)
Feb 14, 2019: Fermaten, Herning (DK)
Feb 15, 2019: Sønderborghus, Sønderborg (DK)
Feb 16, 2019: Harders, Svendborg (DK)
Feb 23, 2019: Hotel Cecil, Copenhagen (DK)


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