The Erkonauts ‘War Flamingoes’ : Relentless. Magical. Writhing. Glorious.

The Erkonauts

The Erkonauts are back with the relentless single ‘War Flamingoes’. Lead by bassplayer and singer Ales (Samael, Obsydians, ex-Sybreed) Erkonauts are showing one more time that catchy songs pairs well with brutality.

Formed in 2014, The Erkonauts released their first demo that same year, which sold 1000 copies and received critical acclaim (notably ‘Demo of the Month’ in Rock Hard Germany #331). Shortly after the band hit the road in September, and toured in the USA, Asia, Europe and Russia, sharing the stage with acts like Philm, Prong, Cradle of Filth and Samael.

Their first album, ‘I Did Something Bad’, released on french label Kaotoxin early 2016, was hailed as one of the revelations of 2016 (#1 spot on Hard Force France of February, “Best of 2016 in metal so far” on, #5 spot on one of Top 15 2016). Think of a Prog version of Motorhead that sometimes lean towards Gojira, sometimes toward Mastodon, sometimes even New Model Army; the sound landscape of The Erkonauts is vast.

Ales Campanelli, Los Sebos, Fred Di Limoncelli and Kevin Choiral together are The Erkonauts.

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Dear all, Long time no news, so here goes, and for the first time in a while, news are good or, to be more truthful, we are reaching an acceptable outcome with the terrible cards we were dealt. There has been trouble, sickness, desillusion, and also the death of someone close to me, so things got pushed back a lot. I won't go into too many personnal details here, but I can say this: a month ago, I had close to zero songs written and had to find a drummer to play on the new album. By luck, Vinch agreed to help out at the last minute. So we worked out together and we are now in studio recording drums for album n°3. This is the first time in a long time that I'm actually excited to play. The new album will be great. I have a lot more reasons to be happy on the music front, but more on that later. It's time to put an end to the shitty era I've been through. Thank you all for your support, and much, much love. Ales (PS: Sebos, while not in the picture, is still very much part of the band) #erkonauts #IWITE

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