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The Evening Empire // Able // Jared Doherty // allhumans. // No Aloha

The Evening Empire – All The Lights Out

What a beautiful project THE EVENING EMPIRE really is. This collective of musicians directed by Alexander Frizzera is that shining and flickering star in the mid-night sky. The perpetual obsidian black cosmos, envelope the heavens above, as the dancing lights dance in the mind and heart of our souls. We dance to the effects of emotions from the band is worldly, experimental, logical, emotional, and gorgeous. We want more and more. On this particular single, James Morgan (drums) and Sinèad Kirby (female vocals) contributed to the cause.

Able – No Guarantee

In 2018, ABLE took to the stage after a decade of hiatus. Rooted in the timeless songwriting traditions of folk, the brand of music the band presents is of the heart and emotions of everyday man’s struggles and challenges. Johan Gille is the songwriter and the country feel in a modern world, is consequential and significant. The heart fills with remembrance and hope, as the strums of ABLE dignifies our existence in intrinsic love. This year has seen new and different chapter in the band’s life. We’re all glad to see them back.

Jared Doherty – Happily Sinking Heart

Off of his brand new EP ‘Small Windows’, JARED DOHERTY talks succinctly and honestly with us about collateral damages done to a lonely heart. Well, a heart that is now lonely. A heart that missed her, the moment of the breakup. It’s that moment of silence that instills shivers to a grown man’s insides. The turmoil and twisted like metal sheets from a fallen skyscraper. ‘Happily Sinking Heart’ is a juxtaposition to an old adage to the ripping apart of a soul. The soul of a man, or a woman, who thought that strength was inherent in them, but finds out the vulnerability of their real being. The real self. More than about the fallen relationship. It’s the lonesome feeling from finding out that themselves were not as strong as they seemed to have been. Can it be recovered? Starts with acceptance. Jared’s from Kamloops, British Columbia, and his style story telling stays with you.

allhumans. – Krak

‘Krak’ by allhumans. has everything. Rock, pop, synth, drip: the song encompasses and expands into the world of alt and hard-rock tones as well. It’s just such a delectable platter of contrasts. The salivary glands just pump out like crazy, just like Pavlov’s dogs for the next great thing. allhumans. is a band that has very little info available. But we can guarantee their unique presentation will be heard again and again. The self produced debut single of ‘Krak’ is a product of members from bands: Luxxe, Belaganas and Rival Coast. Word.

No Aloha – The Big One

NO ALOHA is a 5 piece band from the land of Portland. Songwriters Brette Irish and Blake Ferrin met and there began the history that produced the song ‘The Big One’. “The song is about being in a big earthquake and only being able to worry what your crush is doing,” says Brette. That’s some premise for a song and story, ain’t it? Having to worry about your crush, during a natural mega disaster is more than love. It’s an earth shaking test of the heart and emotional fortitude. And we see no one else singing about it better, than NO ALOHA. Brette’s vocals is distinct and honorie, as it paces throughout the song with attitude, without even trying. And that, is something we can dig. Lots. In 2019, their upcoming album will drop. Brette’s signed as a solo artist as well, and what’ll you know – she’ll drop a solo album as well. Fabulous.


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