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The Exits ‘Run’ : Digs at your seeded hues for the fun and glory of it all.

Indie rock gets your juices flowing.

The Exits

Lead singer and guitarist Jared Michaels, drummer Ryan Calabrese, and bassist Tom Harrison make up this fab project THE EXITS. And just like the clockwork of nature, they come this time with musical gives in the form of ‘Run’. The symptomatically vibrant indie-rock portrait, digs at your seeded hues for the fun and glory of it all – then watches you dance in happiness.

The band brings pop and rock influences, and the trio has it marked by the unrelenting commitment to be ‘rock n roll’, now and forever. ‘Stranded’ keeps that drive moving forward and the world is better for it.

Fresh, light, airy, the song from The Exits have always proven to be a load off of your listening shoulder, for the dark and gray of a typical day drops to a minimum white noise, as you the rhythms of The Exits permeate through your body.

The Exits have a swaggering New York style in the vein of predecessors like The Strokes and The Velvet Underground, coupled with a songwriting approach inspired by everything from Jazz standards and beat poets to the rock and roll lineage from The Beatles to Nirvana.

Michael’s taut songwriting delivers tales of city life and romance through catchy melodies that bend your ear on their way to permanently lodging themselves in your brain.

Solid grooves that translate easily to the masses, the ol’ school / new school indie rock gets your juices flowing.

Oh yea.



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