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The Fangs’ Single ‘Glory Days’. You wWant To Just Shout Out And Say “Hey! That’s Me!”

The upbeat nature of the song construction by THE FANGS in ‘Glory Days’ is possibly a fabulous addition for your school enthusiasms of past, present, and future. In the mind of you, your friends, your classmates, your teachers – the things that help add to the building of your ambitions.

It’s so positive. This song could fit anywhere.

And when you listen to the solo on ‘Glory Days’, you want to just shout out and say “Hey! That’s me!”, while you’re dancing like a maniac on that living room floor, excited about the moment, the next day, the next few years.

Close your eyes and you see a ‘collage’ passing by in this music video of a single. Smiling faces, ridiculous and funny situations – the good ol’ times.

Yea. We’ll vote this single as the ‘positive single’ of the day, for sure.

Sometimes it’s cool to feel like this, right?

Heck yea.

THE FANGS is a band from Provo, Utah and they move about multiple genres.



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