The Fatbirds ‘Leaving Tonight’ : When things are just too plentiful to even realize.

The Fatbirds

There’s a fuss that we embrace when in life’s grip. Small things that might not be very important, becomes our worry of the day. And in our banal lives, we see solace in breaking up the monotony of living, with petty illusions.

We take ‘Leaving Tonight’ from The Fatbirds as a call to awareness to those things that take up too much of our thought processes.

There are much to the world, than differences. There are much more that binds folk to folk, when you seek deeper and in more meaningful ways.

There are glimpses of recognition when in crisis.

Guess we all forget, when things are just too plentiful to even realize.

The Fatbirds’ single ‘Leaving Tonight’ is from the upcoming album ‘Lost in Dreams’.


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