The Feather ‘Sister’ : Relief comes from many different ways.

The Feather

The Feather is Thomas Medard’s (Dan San) solo project. And it is finally back. Seven years after the delicate Invisible (2013), the Belgian singer/songwriter departs this time from folk trails to offer an intimate dream-pop.

“With ‘Sister’ I wanted to describe how I – and the others around me – relate to screens. How social media affect us all, how we are connected at all time while deeply disconnected from reality. Does social media connect or disconnect us? The contradiction between having the ability, the ‘power’ to know everything about someone in just a few clicks.. while having the feeling of being watched ourselves. Musically this song marks a turning point in my writing with the use of bass as the main instrument of composition, which is the case of other pieces of the upcoming album.”

Experiencing art pieces, just like The Feather’s ‘Sister’, bribes our constant main-stream habits, and explores, justly, the expanse of what things could be.

Relief comes from many different ways.

One, is ‘Sister’.


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