The Fervour ‘A different exchange of the facts’ : Fresh. Rockin’. Energetic. So fun.

The Fervour

Fresh. Rockin’. Energetic. So fun.

Doubled up in guitars and the fascinatingly gaining vibe of classic Brit-rock and Scandinavian frenetic goodness, the rules don’t apply as the gang in The Fervour brings surf viabilities and bluesy undertones, right back into your face with ‘A different exchange of the facts’.

Leti, Luke, Rhys, Filippo and Jay make this thrusting offering, sharpened to fact in their 2 song EP. And through this title single, you get a sense of what you’d been missing in the last several years, and you gravitate with full embrace.

The 18 month and plus old band, have come together is highlighted into colorful life with fabulous lyrics, and animated by Leti’s engaging vocals.

What we imagine as one of their faves for their fans, ‘A different exchange of the facts’ is a rhythmic party, all wrapped into a beautiful row for all of us to enjoy.

And boy, do we ever.

Get in with The Fervour. The fun’s just getting started.


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