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The Fever Breakers Shares ‘Bully’. “PSA For The New Age.”

THE FEVER BREAKERS’ “psa” of sorts is about being a Bully, being a victim of Bully, and passing on the negative baggage that comes with it.

This band goes into rock, ska, soul, funk – all in the attempt to tell a story that can have a positive message. And in ‘Bully’, it continues THE FEVER BREAKERS’ attempts at this within a modern world context.

It’s hard to get messages out there.

But the band tries hard.

The good news is that we think they make compelling song construction exercises to keep folk engaged. And that is what ‘Bully’ brings to the table and it’s appreciated.

Like going back to a TV sitcom in the early 80’s, from the video to the song, the dynamic thought process of what this band is made of (and are about) comes through in spades.

It’s not a ‘goody two shoes’ kind of exercise, but it sure does add to the conversation.

Dig it. We think you will.

The musicians who wrote this song are: John Ventura and Gleeson Rebello. Participants in making the song includes: Zachary Anderson, Fred Eugene, Jonathan Ullman, and mix/master by Matthew Girard.


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