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The Fifth Star Band Shares ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’.

Whoa. What’s this? Fusion? Mix? Yes for sure. THE FIFTH STAR BAND is a band made to be heard, Live. Listen to the chorus on this single ‘Don’t Wake Me Up’.

The dish is fantastically exotic. Horns in the band is just glorious, reminding us a bit of the old Chicago (not a coincidence that TFSB is based in the city of Chicago) sessions. Just delicious, especially with the keys working it like there’s no tomorrow. Place all that with the antics of lead vocalist Jordan Sawyer and the harmonies of Laura and Ellen Buttitta.

No? Well, we think so.

And we dig it very much too.

There is slightly a ‘kitchy’ feel to the presentation, but that factor is outlasted and smothered when the chorus comes in, as we’d mentioned.

What a song to dance to. We at CHF would dance to this. And you all know by now that we are physically not very good at dancing.

Anywho, the entertainment value for the gang is fantastic and you should think about attending their live shows, for sure.

The band consists of: Jordan Sawyer, Alana Lustenberger, Steven Cantor, Eric Pedone, Wesley Hunt, Laura Buttitta, Ellen Buttitta, and Chris France.

Fun stuff y’all! Very cool and enjoyable single.



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