The fin. ‘Deepest Ocean’ : Like the flower on that window sill of your living.

The Fin.

Elegant and soothing, the trans-galactic wave of thoughts and minds, meld into a vat of what’s needed for our psyches.

Yuto Uchino (The fin.) said: “I wrote ‘Deepest Ocean’ in 2018 when I kept moving since we were having so many shows all over the world at the moment. It was entertaining, but I was feeling unsettled at the same time. I found that I was searching for an ideal world that exists only in my mind when I wrote it. It’s about escapism. But it has the strong energy to fight with reality and my self at the moment.”

In ‘Deepest Ocean’, composer and self-producer Yuto Uchino adds a refined funky side to his creative blend of dream-pop and psychedelic synth-pop, cleverly playing with the track progression and every sound of his layered composition.

The single was mastered by Mike Bozzi, Grammy award winning engineer from LA.

Let’s feed ‘Deepest Ocean’ like the flower on that window sill of your living.


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