The Firnats ‘Crave’ : Rock n’ roll gala, it’s a story within a story and a heart.

The Firnats

Off of their latest LP ‘My Cat At Home’, the gang of four (Sean Flanagan, Griffin Low, Chris Castro, Kurtis Kunkel) drive home tasty licks and magisterial glances with single ‘Crave’. A ol’ timey rock n’ roll gala, it’s a story within a story and a heart.

“The concept of ‘Crave’ stems from the importance of knowing how you are perceived by other people in your life,” said the band. “The lyrics explore this concept by looking through the lens of a relationship strained by opiate abuse. The protagonist (vocals) spends the song having a one-sided conversation with their partner. Becoming increasingly rude and serving mean-spirited comments while asking for love & affection.”

Ego, perception, relative adoration for a false future – all cloud and demean the current, and loving pastures already in hand. A regret that is certain, and irredeemable. It’s a human story, repeated then learned from, over and over.

The Firnats recorded their debut album, “Fear Not”, completely DIY in producer Hapa Siuhengalu’s basement in Reston Virginia. After touring extensively in the summer and fall of 2018, the group hunkered down to record their second full length LP. And they did.

LP ‘My Cat At Home’ is an exciting offering, with all the beauty that indie-rock should bring.


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