The Fleurs ‘Darkness Is A Colour Too’ : Dynamically collide with industrial whims and ashen tabulation for heart.

The Fleurs

A knocking of those images of passing glances, dynamically collide with industrial whims and ashen tabulation for heart. A darkening winks in deliberate art and postures of the everyday.

Said The Fleurs: ”I’m very familiar with changing moods. I know it all: Pure joy of ecstasy and the nagging feeling of being in a dark space were everything feels the same: washed out of colors and joy. ”Darkness Is A Colour Too” is my mantra which reminds me of beauty and hope that’s still there, just not always as clearly visible.”

We’d said of The Fleurs prior: “A thought, within thoughts, layer and lather, the expectant anger of your listening soul. It patterns with kaleidoscope hymns and magisterium. It collides with the cosmos of your dreaded life – maybe, existing to be reborn into the light. Once more. Twice. Thrice.”

It’s what you are. It’s what you make of it. It’s what you can bring to the party.

Make it good.

Swedish/Swiss Artist Emely Majrell is the project, The Fleurs.


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