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The Florets Share ‘Five Foot Vice’. “Even if you wanted to.”

Constructed to be intelligent. Manicured to be florescent. Radical as you always wanted to be. THE FLORETS come at us with ‘Five Foot Vice’ and it is a knee grasping and though provoking indie-rock shimmer, that won’t let you go.

Even if you wanted to. It’s that good.

Off of their latest released EP ‘Friction Made Fiction’, ‘Five Foot Vice’ is a downtempo guitar banger, looking for with a chip on both shoulders, but nowhere to get the affection that is needed.

Banging on the top shelf of life. Wanting a better for better sake, without knowing what you really thought was better.

A dangerous precedence, eh?

Officially launched in 2018, THE FLORETS are a begrudging and talented group of artists, with a talent for story telling and manufacturing the contextual soundscape to back them up.

With sonically distinct and beautiful in its own way, Nick Dawes’ rich vocals sets the stage for the kind of impact, a night with THE FLORETS will be.

Melodie. Melodies. Melodies. Expert arrangements, in psyche and prog tinged indie rock.

Can’t get any better.

Listen to the 5 song EP is you can. It’s a journey.



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