The Francos Share ‘Tasman’. You Came Through Okay. Let’s Build For Tomorrow.

The Francos share with us the single ‘Tasman’. They state that the song is about recounting when Xavier (the band’s bassist) had a hard time after his move from New Zealand to Australia during his teen years. We would think that the difficulty wasn’t physical, but more emotional. And it sounds mundane and bit banal to us from the outside, but it’s all about perspective and personal experience, ain’t it?

The banal, is a Universe onto itself, you see.

In your mind, that one glimpse of that place, can mean many emotions – extracting, diluting. It can be a cauldron of feelings, inhibiting or enhancing.

We assume he’s come out okay, for he’s now in a band, and playing music, and all, with his mates.

Or is that the opposite?

Anywho, the colorful notes and the whimsical “What can you do…” attitude in the tone of the song is delightful to listen to. The overall feel dips into past 70’s musical rock genres and glitters at the edges.



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