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The Garage Flowers – Pandora Smiles

THE GARAGE FLOWERS describe themselves as a band with: “Explosive live performances, scumbag swagger, heart on the sleeve lyrics, filthy guitar riffs, pop hit melodies all tied together with a D.I.Y attitude.” We agree. With ‘Pandora Smiles’ is that affectionate ol’ school pop-metal of the 80’s and the 90’s that bleeds through like a soothing waterfall of sound. The band is made up of Joe Capaldi (vocals, guitar), Jonny Webber (guitar), Mike Serapinas (bass, backing vocals) and Norea Persson (drums, backing vocals). The crew knows how to make you smile. Of nostalgia, of story, and of undeniable enjoyment, the gang plays with tight notion for what a song should be. So, that ‘swagger’?? It’s all over the talents of this British goodness through song. Something new and something better always come with their singles. Facts. This year the band returned to Europe, proving to be a big hit on their tours of France, Belgium and Holland . In-between touring, the group made Hastings their second home, recording their debut E.P with Kevin Vanbergen (Paul Weller, The Pixies, Nick Cave).

Gráinne Hunt – Let Go

Folk singer/songwriter Gráinne Hunt is from Ireland. And as gentle as our imaginations about what Ireland is like, Gráinne’s songs further support such memories of those sunny sentiments. With poignant story telling and lyrical acumen, the artist wants us to just live and thrive. From emotional tragedies, we must move forward. We must prevail. There can’t be any way, but. Because life is too full of colors and happiness, we must try our best to tap into that, within our own ways. Gráinne wants that for us, very much. Said Gráinne: “Beyond excited to announce that my new record ‘This Secret’ will be released on 20th September! My first solo full length album, it was recorded in Nashville last October with Thomm Jutz, Mark Fain and Lynn Williams.”

Black Leather Jacket – FFFreaks

‘FFFreaks’ is BLACK LEATHER JACKET’s single of a psych fuzz garage noise rock gathering, poured in black, but in golden attitude. Wall meets your musical sensibilities, and you’re in it to win it. BLJ wants you to win it. It’s your time to win it. Win her heart. Win his flush lust. Win that lottery prize. Win, life. ‘FFFreaks’ is a pulsating room of beats and power chords, from this Antwurp Belgium based rock n’ roll band. They will clean the clutter out of your head, your soul, your sex, and your inhibitions. You’ll dance till dawn, but never feel like this should ever end. A return to purity of rock, and of YOU. Put the volume up. It’s that time. It’s BLACK LEATHER JACKET time.

Serge Bulat – Yehy Vaya (feat. OYME)

“‘Yehy Vaya’ is based on a traditional wedding song and sung in the language of Erzya. Reimagined the release is a vibrating drum infused track, suited for the dance-floor in any country or season.” OYME, the Mordovian folk band that represents the culture of the Finno-Ugric peoples of Russia and celebrated for their works with the Grammy-winning project Deep Forest. SERGE BULAT delivers a song that is of dance, but more ambience and indie-electro excellence. The wall of chants, invigorate and re-energizes your place in this world. A non-EDM vibe, of industrial experimentation, and of rock-altruism, ‘Yehy Vaya’, within this formulation, delivers with overwhelming revelry and dexterity for the wise. 2019 is the UN proclaimed International Year Of Indigenous Languages.

T. Evann – Day Will Rise

“For a long time I was frustrated and confused about where I was in terms of musical direction,” said T. EVANN. “I was making a lot of material in various genres but it felt like nobody was listening or paying it any attention. Then I reconnected with my core motivation to make music: my own enjoyment. This is a song describing these epiphanies, which I revisit sometimes, to remind myself that it’s all for the personal love of it; self-belief and patience are important to artistic expression.” The jangly guitars, fizzles and guzzles, into your hardened heart and settles in for a cozy drink. Warming like a cognac after dinner, the fingers of ‘Day Will Rise’, rises to the occasion of the matter, in deliberate shine and radiation. And as the grandeur of the guitar solo, puts you in a trance, you are transported to another. Tyler Darrington’s is T. EVANN. His vision comes through with this single, as the vail of a-new blooms into a beautifully formed concept. Catch this lovely groove.


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