The Go Rounds Shares Ethereal Single ‘Code’. Be Pure. Be You. Get Wild.

The Go Rounds comes at us with a fire-hose that spews out an exciting mix of synth-pop and rock attitude. Then turns on the white lights of truth of drama, drenching the audience in heaps of glamorous notes and platitudes. It’s that ‘tattoo’ you’d wanted on your chest. But now, that ‘tattoo’ can be permanent, within your musical heart.

‘Code’ is a glorious song. Let it wash over you.

The single is dramatic and descriptive to the limits. It’s empathetic, and so purely un-relenting. It’s that ‘heart beat’ that keeps you going. It’s that voice that tells you to get to that unknown Edge.

The band consists of Drew Tyner, Mike Savina, Adam Danis, and Graham Parsons and in ‘Code’ they’ve successfully delved deep into the throat of what’s cool and magnificent.

It’s been 3 years since their last full album and an August 2016 EP release.

And from what we hear, their new outputs will impress – as always.

Look for a new full album before 2018 is over.



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