The Golden Cage Society ‘Mira el mar’ : Pushing the boundaries of their philosophical cynicisms

The Golden Cage Society

Feeling the layers of emotions from the narrative protagonist, is palpable and dauntingly gripping in The Golden Cage Society’s single ‘Mira el mar’.

Said the band: “There are moments when you know and feel: if you leave behind this situation (for example a unhappy relationship or anything that holds you back from being who you actually are), then a whole ocean of opportunities lies before you.”

The band’s song is fascinating, complex, and lyrically grand. The anti-social blackness is clearly visible when looking into the well of your soul. And when you listen to this single, you’re cast into that spell package, in wrinkles of time and magical interventions.

A folding of paper-tap simplicity, weep with a dripping gathering – a tattered fait accompli – which tries to reverse the course of what was past, into the future – but never quite in that satisfied form. An ultimate description of personal struggles, exploding into an even more personal range of rage and frustration.

And what they do try to do in their works are of pushing the boundaries of their philosophical cynicisms, into perplexing colors of emotions. From there anything’s game, in their eyes.

The Golden Cage Society is from Leipzig, Germany. They are Clemens Hök, Maximilian Schönknecht, Georg Spieß, and Lutz Leukhardt

Their upcoming min EP ‘Mira’ drops February 7th.


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