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The Good Minus // Hannah Campbell // Stefan Alexander // Gamma Dog // Klemsdal

The Good Minus – Mechanical Shark

Trio of Matt Welch, David Kean and Stu Hazelman make up this quite delectable project named THE GOOD MINUS. Off of their upcoming self titled album, ‘Mechanical Shark’ has a MUSE vibe that is ominous and you just can’t deflect the feeling that the drop will kill you softly. But the song, in the words of Roberta Flack, ‘kills…with his words’. Lyris of ‘Mechanical Shark’ is indicative of the talented trio and their aims at making music. A cappella harmonies like Queen, dark vibes like Flack, and the imposition of notes from worlds apart, come together decadently in this single. A prog song that is so very accessible and intriguing to listeners, for sure. The upcoming LP drops October 11th.

Hannah Campbell – East Coast Dream

‘East Coast Dream’ is a bubbly offering of sanity from HANNAH CAMPBELL. Spiritual at parts and adventurous in anthem, the song is a thrust to a more freed living and life of giving to thyself in more meaningful ways. Wind in hair, out of the office cubicle, and hitting the proverbial open road is what ‘East Coast Dream’ wants for us. Starting with a clean slate is what’s needed for some of us. And when that opportunity comes about, we should take it. With both hands and arms, not letting go until we are fulfilled once more. Don’t let her go. Hannah’s works have a natural way of helping you breathe again.

Stefan Alexander – Barricade

STEFAN ALEXANDER is quite the lyricist. Supple and beautiful in word choices, Stefan’s single ‘Barricade’ is a celebration of what we all go through once in a while, during our lives and our personal tribulations. Empathetic thrusts and clarity if a hallmark of Stefan as his Peter Cetera-like vibe just makes everything feel alright again. The NYC based queer pop singer/songwriter debuted with his first single ‘Skeleton’ in 2016. But a 3 year medical hiatus delayed his momentum somewhat. He is back in 2019, and looking for reaching new heights. A new release is scheduled for early 2020, and we think it’s going to be grand.

Gamma Dog – Wa

Matt Blackwell and Trey McKinley make up the project GAMMA DOG. Brit indie-rock is what you vibe in ‘Wa’, and you don’t feel guilty about it at all. The consuming pace, the delectably mysterious vocals, and juxtaposing synth elements make what we deem as songs that pump you up. It’s a ‘freeing’ vibe that asserts with attitude and we’re just vibin’. ‘Wa’ is a color coded and majestic incantation of a song that mixes the right formulas and lyrical ambience. Kevin Garcia, Kyle Garcia, and Shawn Gallivan complete the sound of GAMMA DOG, and we think it’s an understated wildness that will resonate where ever they go. Word.

Klemsdal – Tonga

Aksel Junge Klemsdal is KLEMSDAL. Darkly vibrant prduction of ‘Tonga’ is beautifully laid mix of classic rock and 80’s pop-rock, that hits you with modern synthesizers and MUSE like habits, tinged in Bee Gees-like shimmer. The aggression is in the synthesizer, as it takes helm of the captain’s chair and drives forward the armies of attitude and musical emotions. Aksel’s vocals is also driving and emotive to the hilt, expressing with uniqueness and forthrightness that is becoming and brilliant. The crazy distortions, perfectly arranged, keep every part of the song engaging and delicious to every pallet. ‘Tonga’ is part of Aksel’s latest album ‘InBetween’ available now.


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