The Greyhound Factory ‘Outside the Frame’ : Nostalgia that lingers like an early morning fog.

The Greyhound Factory

The Greyhound Factory are a rising 4-piece English-Americana indie rock band from Cambridge/Hertford UK, whose sound is reminiscent of 90’s Americana bands but with their roots firmly in everyday pessimistic Englishness.

The “band based out of Cambridge UK, has it out for that nostalgia that lingers like an early morning fog.” That’s what we’d said of them last time. And that sentiment is still true today.

The fogginess of the mind and heart, comes at an impasse in our dreams, no matter where we are in our trek. It’s about to come true. You better be ready. That’s where ‘Outside the Frame’ comes into play, as it hits home with a message of upright citizenship for our souls.

Can we make it? Can we make it together? Hope so.


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