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The Groves // The Exits // Martian Subculture // Dawn Chorus // GRLS

The Groves – Me & You All The Time

Jamie Shields (Vocals & Guitar), Phil Dalton (Guitar & Vocals), Tom Ford (Drums) and Robbie Amey (Bass) doesn’t want her to go away and the quartet can’t help expressing themselves that way. THE GROVES requests an appearance by the one that is about to get away. But they are determined NOT to let her do exactly that. Different places, different backgrounds, different futures – but she liked him as much as he did. It was fate. The fruitful and fragrant effervescence in ‘Me & You All The Time’ is an infectious addition to pop-rock. The chorus will drive you crazy with happiness, and it doesn’t matter why you feel that way. You know that it just does. And sometimes, that’s the best way to go.

The Exits – Stranded

Lead singer and guitarist Jared Michaels, drummer Ryan Calabrese, and bassist Tom Harrison make up this fab project THE EXITS. ‘Stranded’ is the single that is all forgiving, but never compromising in its demands. Relationships of any kind of term, is a taxing, but rewarding exercise. It takes work. It takes attention. And within a song, those kinds of trepidations can be communicated, with vigor but always with a fun angle. ‘Stranded’ does exactly that. The band brings pop and rock influences, and the trio has it marked by the unrelenting commitment to be ‘rock n roll’, now and forever. ‘Stranded’ keeps that drive moving forward and the world is better for it.

Martian Subculture – I’ll Be Gold

Evan O’Malley is terrific in his project named MARTIAN SUBCULTURE. And through his latest single ‘I’ll Be Gold’, the psyche-pop nostalgia flows with funky upticks and consequential drips of emotions. The clamor for existential rhetoric is a perfect state of affairs in this single, as Evan drives a repetitive haunt of lyrical demands, and guitar reprimanding whips of honesty. Breezy, nostalgic, blissfully ambiguous, you turn to the shimmers of the guitars and hold onto the memories from here to then.

Dawn Chorus – 777

Radiohead’s album ‘Kid A’ was the album that redefined and solidified what the band is known for: a hearty appetite for forging indie-rock music forward. DAWN CHORUS is all about that sense of duty within this field of sights and sounds. The experimental ambiguity surges into the netherworld in ‘777’. Off of their upcoming debut EP ‘For Sore Eyes’ (May 9), the sound of eerie atmospherics bounce off the ether, as the fog of existence lingers as a heavy and saturated weather system. The individual veterans of music, combines their efforts to bring something that can be more than what has been. Certainly, ‘777’ is that shot across the bow, as it lingers in your mind and body.

GRLS – Chemical Gardens

Neo-psychedelic and electro-pop band GRLS is fab. Are you on that runway of life? When the guitars chime in, ‘Chemical Gardens’ shines as the Gorillaz, but with that extra layer of chic, that we love to wear on our bare skins. Lucca Necoechea and Diego Andlovin makes this project happen. The Mexico City originating and Boston based band keeps the light on into what creativity could become. The new culmination of music, overlaps multiple genres, where each one is clearly visible in its own phalanx. But all vying together, the elements come side by side to exuberantly exhibit the power of collaboration. ‘Chemical Gardens’ exemplifies that excitement for something new and it glows.


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