The Hammills ‘Night Owl’ : Charming vocals and loosely framed nonchalance. Effortless grandeur.

The Hammills

The Hammills is the husband/wife project by Jacob and Paige Hammill. The duo draws influence from classic female-led rock acts like Blondie, St. Vincent, Kate Bush and musically inspired by bands like The Strokes, The Killers and Arcade Fire.

All songs were written and recorded over the first half of 2019. Jacob would make a song, start to finish, while Paige was at work. Paige would have her hour long commute after work to listen and come up with vocals and then record upon returning home.

Off of LP ‘Incantations’, ‘Night Owl’ adds to the glorious classic rock vibes, with charming vocals and loosely framed nonchalance of the instrumentals, builds the perfect world via effortless grandeur.

Written, recorded, and mixed by husband & wife duo Jacob and Paige Hammill. Mastered by Stephen Marcussen (The Strokes – “The New Abnormal”).


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