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The Hannah Barberas Shares ‘Our Girl Is Gone’ >> Download Challenge!

We want you to kick it up a notch. Help a brother out. In this case, help THE HANNAH BARBERAS’ new 3 track EP and download for your ‘relaxing’ listening pleasure. Okay, okay. Not so relaxing. But a compelling case for doing the little clicking in downloading their debut EP ‘The Hannah Barberas Are Here At Last’.

However, there’s a catch. Be warned.

  1. The songs are jingle-jangle pop that is somewhat in the ‘it grows on you’ category.
  2. The jingle-jangle pop part is the tastiest. But sprinkle politics and opinion, it becomes a tasty morsel of what the band thinks about.
  3. The frosting on this 3 layered cake is the song ‘Our Girl Is Gone’. Gone where? Don’t know.
  4. The band is a mix of The B52s on a DIY-Home recording dance, with a 80’s new wave kick.
  5. The download is FREE. Price is zero. But quality is Mercedes-hot.

We congratulate the gang in the band for this fun debut. The 4 piece was formed in November of 2017. Yep, very young, and looking to take over South London with the right entertainment philosophy.

They’re better than you. Dig deeper.

The band consists of: Damien (guitar and vocals), Lucy (vocals), Doug (bass), Matthew (drums and vocals).



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