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The Hannah Barberas // Son of Dave // Roseville // TWYN // Crimsonic

The Hannah Barberas – Oh Santa Claus!

THE HANNAH BARBERAS make music that is, in our eyes, charming and attractive. And we thought: ‘They would be a perfect match for doing some kind of Christmas themed single’. And then BAM! They come at us with a series of holiday themed music. Damien and Lucy’s vocals are very continental, exuding a feel that can only be described as that ‘best friend’ you haven’t seen in a long while. And with the rest of the band harmonizing, you can’t wait to get your girlfriend’s toy poodle and snuggle up to watch the Yule Log all day. The band consists of Damien, Lucy, Doug, and Matthew. Their Christmas EP is out now.

Son of Dave – Send Them Something Nice For Christmas

With love in his heart, and presents for all, SON OF DAVE brings us reality’s stories with hopeful optimism in ‘Send Them Something Nice For Christmas’. In the style of Randy Newman, the unique rendition from bluesman just kicks it up a notch in the ‘sentimental’ meter on this single. The song was written down at the piano, with melancholic memories and longing for his Canadian roots. SOD played the trumpet here on this single too. And that’s a cool thing. It’s a humorous look into the thoughts and feelings we get to have at the end of each year on this planet. The song makes that reflection, a bit brighter, and redeeming. Word.

Roseville – Come Around

Atlanta based band ROSEVILLE is a maker of fleeting thoughts and insurmountable amount of love and affection. ‘Come Around’ is a bop-around guitar driven razzy-tazzy rock diddy for the best part of being alive. Off of their upcoming debut EP, the self anointed ‘4 dudes from Atlanta’ has a bearing on humor and irony, without being any kind of cynic towards life. The fun is in the series of chords that is upbeat and so, so satisfying to listen to. They say that they are ‘doing their best’ with the music they make. We say, they are doing heck of job of making people love their music. The proper balance of innocence and emotional dexterity is quite awesome to witness.

TWYN – Dystopia

“Play those notes again” is the phrase that we think most, when we listen to TWYN’s single ‘Dystopia’. Framed by the snappy snares and proper injection of strategic vocals/lyrics, the song just envelops you in a cocoon of pastel colored atmosphere of dire iridescence. Jason Matthews and Aaron Glueckauf are the two who make up this Miami based team, and in this debut first single from their upcoming Ep (early 2019), propels them into a new level of gratification dispensers. The groove keep you engaged; the end of the song makes your fingers hit repeat again.

Crimsonic – I Will

Helsinki based CRIMSONIC has taken some time since their last single. But in 2018, their return to the air-waves continues with ‘I Will’, a harkened review of alt-rock of another decade, that still satisfies like a cool glass of a tasty pint of beer. From rock core oridings, the band formed in 2010, and had adopted the play of many US band styles, including big guitar and vocal melodies. As we’d mentioned: cool pint of beer. ‘I Will’ doesn’t drip into the old musical tricks, and it’s apparent that the band has tried to incorporate new sensibilities and philosophies. It’s a good start – all over again. Welcome back.


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