The Happy Fits ‘No Instructions’ : And maybe that embracing the things that you’d never imagined.

The Happy Fits

“After doing the ‘Go Dumb’ music video, I think we were all drawn to how cool our outdoors looked through a cinema lens,” said cellist, vocalist and principal songwriter Calvin Langman. “We grew up in rural New Jersey, so I think we’ve been desensitized to seeing lush fields and horses everywhere. After showing off Ross’ neighborhood in ‘Go Dumb’, we thought it would be cool to show off the other, rural side of Hunterdon. One of my friends, Taylor, who I met while waitering, has a horse farm and invited us over to try riding them. When I actually got close to one, I realized I’d never really seen a horse up-close. I was in total awe. They are unbelievably majestic.

The Happy Fits’ single ‘No Instructions’ is a heart racing happiness that keeps on coming through with ambitions of love and maybe that embracing the things that you’d never imagined. The Happy Fits have released their latest single ‘No Instructions’.

“We decided the ranch vibe fit really nicely with ‘No Instructions’. The song is all about realizing the disconnect between things I grew up believing in and their failure to apply to the world around me. We thought it would be quite funny to play ranch hands since in reality we really have no idea about ranch life but grew up all around it.”

‘No Instructions’ is the third single from the New Jersey trio’s upcoming sophomore LP, ‘What Could Be Better’, due out August 28th.


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