The Harbours ‘Flynn’ : Plucky and playful, the nonchalant melancholy… dances.

The Harbours

Plucky and playful, the nonchalant melancholy, dances in between the subtle riot of the words from The Harbours’ single ‘Flynn’. It’s a supposition of glances and timed wits, arbitrary in rhythm, but indelibly palpable in the shine. It’s that strength of substance and sustenance, where the 5 piece delivers in charm.

The hook from the main acoustic riff cycles throughout, as the lead guitar weaves in and out coloring and shifting the dynamic of the track at just the right moments. The singer is quite clearly in his element here. The lyrics tell an engaging story as he exercises his inner crooner with both assuredness and class.

With a subtle nod to many classic UK indie bands including, The Stone Roses, The Las and The Cure, their songs tell honest stories of day to day life through the eyes of the observer, underpinned with a bold as brass strut, The Harbours serve to please, inspire and charm.


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