The Heartways ‘By Your Side’ : Now returned and with a new band, her determination is even greater.

The Heartways

Berlin Germany based band, The Heartways, finds a way to bring excitement and aura via the dreamlike streams of conscious revelry, in ‘By Your Side’. Founded by musician and artist Saskia Hahn, the indie-rock vision, casts danceable beats and poignant vibes.

‘By Your Side’ is an uplifting love song and the second single of the upcoming album ‘Damaged Goods’. This song has the power to put you on a beautiful road trip in your minds eye – and the potential to be a summer hit.

Saskia Hahn’s name first made the rounds in the Berlin music scene during the mid-2000’s. Her rock, power-pop combo ‘Sweet Machine’ was just the band of the hour, with their distinctive style and stage presence of the wild blonde on the guitar.

After five years of pure rock n’ roll, Saskia took some time off from the music scene. She devoted herself to visual art in the field of mixed media, painting, screen printing and installations. With this, she also went on tour and exhibited her art in Berlin, New York, Sydney, London and Zurich. An inspiring time in which she found a new approach to her love of music.

Now returned and with a new band, her determination is even greater as her album ‘Damaged Goods’ is in the final making and will be released later this year.


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