The Heavy Eyes ‘The Profession’ : It’s a live show attitude. It’s a live show banger.

The Heavy Eyes

“First release to our 4th LP, ‘Love Like Machines’,” said The Heavy Eyes. “‘The Profession’ is dripping with blown out fuzz tones and powerful hooky vocals. It stands as an ode to all artists grinding away at their craft while wanting to rip a dirt bike through their day-jobs office, exiting by blasting through the window and leaving it all behind.”

Rock meet The Heavy Eyes. They got it going on with this single. It’s a combination of exhilarating and purposed music that is of 70’s classics and of modern glamor grit. The guitar drives a 6 inch nail into your head, as it pounces on to your inhibitions, and offers you a hand for recovery.

A conversation piece between rhythm and lead, the riffs keep on coming to that peak of purity in the wha distortion and lively beauty.

It’s a live show attitude. It’s a live show banger.


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