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The Hi // NISHA // mellowcoup // The China Blue // Chupapi

The Hi – Sway

With a beautifully laced construction, the traditional pop allusions of THE HI’s single ‘Sway’ dips into nostalgia and of current fascinations in indie-rock vibes. The song even dips a bit into inspirational/world-music vibes, as the glory of the chorus, framed in the delicious vocals becomes irresistible as time runs on. The three piece band of perpetual friendship when young, two brothers and their childhood friend shapes waves of music, as they will. Joy is what the trio brings. With spine tingling harmonies, and unadulterated mature subjects of us, humans, ‘Sway’ is a wonder of the 7 song LP. Love lost; love found, the shine of this gorgeous single is to bring you to another form. A form only you can define.

NISHA – Figures

We’d stated that she makes music that is a “symphony of simple digital notes, surrounded by the dynamic and poetic culmination in .. lyrical acumen.” Now, in ‘Figure’, a more raw and anthemic song is broadcast. As it hits a more wider swath of style, the underpinnings of her writing is solidly emboldened and exists again, to please.

mellowcoup – Med Man

Said mellowcoup: “It’s a song about the push and pull of love and vices. It’s about the chaos and thrill of love, lust, and all that flows between.” Flipping the script, mellowcoup, sings on a tight rope where there exists no safety net, for love or the residue of such. The vocals delight with effervescent, solidarity for the kind of love that the protagonist can deliver. It’s significant. It’s confident. It’s a tell all POV for the kind of panacea for the aching heart, which is needed and fervent.

The China Blue – Next To Me

Boston based Seth Mykel Marques sings of the blues that come with relationships, both in good times and bad. The ups and downs, counter effect in contrast. And Seth is well aware of this, as he seeks out the same that we all can relate to. THE CHINA BLUE, with drummer and fellow writer, Robert James Rubicine, offers pop goodness, bringing beats and sensibilities, calming and exalting. Look for more from the artist, with his upcoming EP ‘Written In My Head’ on the way.

Chupapi – Love Song Dear

Thoughtful and gracious, CHUPAPI sings with love and affection towards the love whom exists. A ‘dear Mary’ kind of confessional, the ‘letter’ depicting joy, lust, and formal regrets, is fabulously constructed, as Chupapi’s hip-hop/Jamaican vibe vocals, keep the thrust of the song, more than satisfying. Chupapi said: “This song relates to a lover that you want to have with you to tackle all of life’s adventures with. But as they suddenly drift away, you have to figure out how to handle these experiences on your own.” A concept of love, is as strong as a real physical manifestation. The former can drive change, and energy. Chupapi knows.


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