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THE HUNGRY MOTHERS Share ‘Easy’. “Fall In Love With Its Attitude. Summer Extended.”

THE HUNGRY MOTHERS got it ‘together’. It’s what we want to hear when Americana comes to mind. The sound of THM is about ‘no-stress’ classic folk-rock with the vocals astute and affectionate as that first dance with your love at the line dance.

From the first word spoken in their single ‘Easy’, you fall in love. Well, at least we did.

It’s easy to do.

And why is that? THM brings out the memories and reminisces the works like of The Band, firing at you with the shotgun like pelts of note and lyrical ease, we all can comb back into time and appreciate.

It’s why THM is so popular in a live setting. And we fully say this while not having witness them live, first hand. We’re pretty sure they are fabulous, live.

And when the curtains rise to introduce the band for their attending audiences in the UK, the love for their brand of sonic experience will not be readily forgotten.

‘Easy’ was recorded by Joe Dennis at Ford Lane Studios, at an ‘endless countryside in Arundel (West Sussex)’.

Vocalist / guitarist Archy Nelson explains that ‘Easy’ is: “a song in which most of our generation can relate to. With being sold the idea from Hollywood that love is the 8th wonder of the world and that time stands still when the person you love walks in the room. This for some may be the case, which is amazing and fills me with envy, but for myself I find it a much more humble case. If it makes you happy, if it gives you confidence, if it allows you to trust and take chances then that’s probably the real stuff and if it generally makes life easy for you I’d say it’s staring you right in the face.”

Word, Archy. Word.



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