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The Influencers – Whitewater

Desire to break through is the key sentiment for all of us, here on Earth. From the small to the large, challenges are set, as challenges, in our minds and we will either seek or not seek to overcome them. “A song about struggle, perseverance and not giving up told through the lens of a physically disabled boy wanting to learn to surf,” stated THE INFLUENCERS. A song that is told through a fictional character, but very much seeded in reality, the Long Island (US) based band can relate themselves, via the grinding aspect of being a band. After a 5 year hiatus, in 2018, they returned with a renewed outlook and perspective. ‘Whitewater’ is one of those offerings and it is a charming guitar driven tale of passions and inner strength.

Outside The Academy – Vonnegut, You’re Kidding Me (It’s Not Fair)

Simple it is not. OUTSIDE THE ACADEMY’s single ‘Vonnegut, You’re Kidding Me (It’s Not Fair)’ is Pawel Cholewa’s vision of a world, in which chivalry and honesty, co-mingle with the daunting and the indescribably nauseous. Human interactions and actions make it that glutenous and unsavory. But Pawel, drives on with songs like this to keep the conversation going, as he puts it: “A short-lived 3-minute track about frustration and neglect. It is a song about resentment and hypocrisy, despite its overall (sarcastically) positive, ethereal and open-ended mood.” The undigestible aroma of contrasting feelings in our existence, is built to make us all mad. Pawel decides to sing about them, and paint some gloriously honest depictions.

The Dawdler – Around Eve

Newcastle Upon Tyne (UK) based THE DAWDLER is slice of musical sparkle from John Edgar. Melancholic dream-pop is where John seeks to draw questions of fervor. Our ticking time-bombs of emotions and persevering cowardice, within all of us, drive the narrative in the inquisitive notions of the lyrics. Slo and DIY-esque, the ballads of lyrical ballet, is kin to your own heart’s murmurs. Off of the upcoming new album, the single ‘Around Eve’, “…is of abandoning reality and emotionally existing entirely within the fictional world of novels and films; finding that balance between loneliness and comfort,” stated John. The ‘slice of musical sparkle’, as we’d mentioned, is that long winding road to conclusions that warms your being. And just like a reinsuring hug, ‘Around Eve’s guitar picks, numb you into a deserved acceptance, of how we are.

Ryan David Orr – Safe In My Heart

We’re a curious species. As humans we are practical and straight forward in most of our methods of living. But sometimes, we are very much irrational and sentimental. Guess it’s the balance of the two that makes us so unique. RYAN DAVID ORR knows that as much as anyone, as in his beautifully sung ‘Safe In My Heart’ single notes. Through the eyes and heart a boy who searches to express his love for another, he finds a way to do so through the best way he knows how – by drawing her in pictures. Whether in his mind or within a physical canvas, the sentiments of his feelings towards another is the same – “how can I get closer to her, when I have but little courage to do so.” But at the end of it all, we’d like to think that there was a happy end to the story depicted by Ryan, for we’re human too, and where ever the boy maybe, we salute his efforts and hoping he’s gotten his girl. RYAN DAVID ORR in ‘Safe In My Heart’ makes it easy for us to seek love again.

The Western Den – Like You Do

Like a sunlit morning coming through the curtains of a brisk spring atmosphere, the gorgeous single ‘Like You Do’ is an indie-folk arrangement with the delectable taunt of creative story telling, with the undeniable complexities of describing emotions of an un-tattered heart. Harmonies, pushed to the limits, where it meets time changes in operatic extravagance, THE WESTERN DEN’s way of formulating and weaving the ethereal with reality is something else to hear and absorb. Deni Hlavinka and Chris West has constructed this dollop of goodness, as the vocals sweep in cinematic guidance, we cheer, ever so fervently, as the unmistakable bitter-sweetness lingers in your musical tastebuds. Experience them next on January 24th, at Hopscotch Coffee & Records in Winchester, Virginia.


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