The Informations ‘Strange Habits’ : Remnants of the semi-liquid goodness, which is there to do good.

The Informations

The Informations is the project of Frederik Tao. Danish, producer, guitarist – he creates timeless, adventurous music that sounds like lost albums from our youth, bands from countries that never existed, melodies and lyrics from our dreams.

Truth. It’s in the ingredients.

And within ‘Strange Habits’, your animalistic urges squeeze out of that tube you’d watched on that sink. It’s rolled at the end, to push forward the remaining remnants of the semi-liquid goodness, which is there to do good to that part of your anatomy.

That’s what this single feels like.

A floss of shine, milky and glistening; experimental and charming, with Frederik’s incessant but attractively adoring call of the wild.

It’s an experience. Whoa.


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