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The Inoculated Canaries – Donna

New York Quartet Singing and Gliding Their Way with ‘Donna’. Said the band: “We want to take those raw human emotions we all feel in the darkness of our minds and write songs about them. We’re not here to be rich or famous, we’re here to be great. To us, Greatness means making music that is real, and we are absolutely relentless about every single note. Greatness means learning from the best, but always being original. Greatness is sometimes having to stick up your middle finger to authority, convention and even the person in the mirror… Side-Effects may include crying, laughing, a sudden sense of existential dread, and/or hearing-loss.” With Michael Rubin (guitar, vocals), James Terranova (drums), Dylan Gross (bass), and Brian Sweeney (keyboard) at the helm of this project, they bring light hearted vibes with ‘Donna’ and makes their fans smile with jivin’ danceability.


“This song chronicles the downward spiral of one being unable to process their thoughts with originality, relying on the words of others to fill their void of character.” That’s what they say. The talented band from Indianapolis, gets it done again with ‘Contrition Hymnal’. Thrusting and layered in its own style, the single fill that dance hall with the best and greatest that the 6 member band. And in this latest single, the hooks and pop-rock charm comes through in spades, as the two vocals dual to the last from chorus to chorus, verst to verse. The dynamic articulation, rides with fresh waves and tantalizing teases. Frontal exposure is all that is victorious with ‘Contrition Hymnal’ and should be a part of your rotation. Don’t argue. Just do it. Anywho. Keep a part of your life for MACCOGALLO.

Adequate Ferris Wheel – Tapestry

New-age rock is where Adequate Ferris Wheel lives and with his latest single ‘Tapestry’, the whole fabric of the Universe is something that can be molded to our whims. That is when we’re together, in love, infatuated with the chemical imbalance when we hold and caress. Whether of nature, the super-natural, or of just the beauty of the everyday banality of it all, Adequate Ferris Wheel’s take shimmers with ballad guitars, gentle sweeps of thoughtful remembrance, and a recognition of doing the best he/we can. Running, running, running, there will be a better way to do it all. In the meantime, let’s private dance, with ‘Tapestry’. Adequate Ferris Wheel is a rock band based in South Carolina. “Our music will relax you, entrance you, and take your worries away.” Word.

DPCD – Time Like a Field

The butterflies of trepidation and doubt, sunk in to her heart like a dagger. She looked around in disbelief in that crisp high noon of the Autumn climate, and drew in a deep and desperate sigh. Her head brimmed with the passing thoughts of images from the past, and of the past inklings of notions – damning in their own right, dismissed, then, against her rightful instincts. She knew at this moment that it was a mistake. A mistake that she’d now know, would take her into a world she’d never been before. The world was about to change drastically and profoundly. ‘Time Like A Field’ is a beautiful ballad of contradictions and contrasts, melding in the sultry vocals of DPCD. And in this project, sits the heart of the operation. Alec Watson shimmmers with outrageous lyrica depth and utter transparency, as he divides the thick wall of ambiguity, with the knife of truth, honesty, and vigor. Subtle, understated, powerfully right. His latest 13 song LP ‘False Virtue’, is available now. See Alec next @ Cafe Mustache, October 30th in Chicago.

The Belafontes – Big Man

“We all know a big man. He’s the kind of guy who hangs around way too late at the end of parties and refuses to let the dream die. He’s the one who tells you he can speak another language, but only really knows how to say hello and goodbye, which are the same word. He works a 9-5 in a suit, but gets loose with the boys and traps you in a deep conversation at 1am. Big man is our ode to big men everywhere, and their big noting ways. It was inspired by a particular big man in our life who shows up when we least expect it to ruin our day, but you can go ahead and apply it to all the big men out there who make your life just a little bit crappier.” The Belafontes is a 2 piece band that sounds like a 5 piece. Jess and Paul Belafonte make this locomotive drive like a well oiled punkin’ division. The husband and wife team decided to go duo, after a long list of bandmate candidates. Paul re-wires guitars to go to 3 different amps, plays in alternate tunings, and weaves lead and rhythm sounds together in one song. Jess stands up so she can dance while kicking a hole through the bass drum; tambourines and other paraphernalia are suspended from cymbals for maximum volume. The pair sings in either their signature harmony, or in biting back and forth; trading phrases about life and love in the city.


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