The Inventors ‘Wild & Free’ : “Appreciating where you are now. Live your best life now.”

The Inventors

“This is a song about appreciating where you are now. Most songs about nostalgia focus on the good times. This song focuses on the bad times. Hopefully, it serves as a reminder to live your best life now and not to live in what once was.”

Nick, Ray and Joe found each other and channeled their youthful confusion into their music. Now, 2020, they’ve come alive once again, with newer sense of song and heart. They recorded their first LP, Counting Backwards, that is currently being finalized. Shortly after recording, the band came across Tommy Mendoza (former drummer for Bad Bad Meow). They quickly gelled with Tommy’s playing, and continued writing and playing shows. The Inventors have toured in the US, including a couple trips down to SXSW, and have played at most major venues in Chicago. Many of their songs have been featured on 93XRT and 101WKQX.

So the band based in Chicago, rocks on, touching emotions and embracing with sight and sound for all. The band is Joe Mango (Vocals/Guitar), Ray Skamay (Guitar/Vocals), Nick Kieta (Bass/Vocals) and Tommy Mendoza (Drums).

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