The Jenkins Twins ‘Rose Red Dress’ : Being in love, and loving to show the world whom you’re in love with.

The Jenkins Twins

If you’d never experienced it yet, when your girl introduces herself from behind the door, revealing a red dress for the special occasion you two are attending – your jaws drop, your eyes freeze, and your heart does go buda-bump. Just can’t be helped, as your mind reels and understands that she is so very beautiful to you.

And as she comes forth and asks you what you think, you’re damn sure you won’t be able to speak from such a future. Something that simple, but oh so beautiful – always sticks in your mind.

The Jenkins Twins’ single ‘Rose Red Dress’ is the quintessential statement in being in love, and loving to show the world whom you’re in love with.

You have to confess. Even if you’re not into that kind of thing, you’ll feel it with your better half makes you feel such a glorious warmth.

With ‘Rose Red Dress’, they make you feel the love.


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