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The Jins Will Devour You With ‘She Said’. “Riotous, pure…and all so rock n’ roll.”

Out of the depths of Vancouver, THE JINS was born. Made up of Ben Larsen, Hudson Partridge, and Jamie Warnock, the dynamic trio rings up singles that are dramatic, resilient, metaphoric, melancholic, and most of all, strident in the anthem of where the band is headed.

And as always, the band keeps its identity as pure as the words they sing. As demonstrated in the new single ‘She Said’, the nostalgia and new-music of the current, mix to bring a significant energy and attraction. Scouring guitars, Curt Cobain-esque vocals, Foo Fighters chip on those shoulder, the band is remarkably eclectic in its own right, but keeps the simplicity of kick-ass rock as their tenet.

‘Plucky’ and ‘tough’, the trio is proud of where they came from, for they realize their personal and group histories make who they are today as a band.

Reminiscing about their past, frontman Ben Larsen stated: “I always thought that pigeons were a great metaphor for the way I lived at the time, like sleeping in random places and eating garbage and just generally not respected by anyone, but still a part of the urban landscape, just hanging around everywhere, dwellers of the seedy underbelly of society rejected by the general public but ubiquitous in the city. Pigeons are also really misunderstood creatures and don’t really deserve how they’re viewed, They’re monogamous and seem to have a sense of caring for their loved ones and I think there’s a really strong sentiment to that, I’ve always been a sucker for love songs so that’s how I came about the name.”

In’ She Said’ it is a straight up and transparent deal which they offer you.

Riotous, pure, deliberate, un-pretentious, purposeful, and all so rock n’ roll – the song is a chance to keep that sanity firmly within your bounds, and to move forward, the way you see fit.



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