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The Jolly Llamas Share ‘Surfrider’. A Murder Mystery On High.

You’ve seen the videos on YouTube. You know, the video when unassuming Zoo enthusiasts visit the Lama section. Then quickly they (the Lamas) lose patience and spit at the visitors. It’s what they do. They wanna eat. Think about it. You won’t want to be teased, as well, right?

No one does.

Food is food. When you’re hungry, you’re hungry. It’s our ‘animal’ instincts. Can’t be helped.

That’s why when this song (being about a ‘murder mystery’ AND a ‘shark attack’) is told in this happy-go-lucky style (and very introspectively presented), we fainted. Not literally mind you. But did go a bit and say silently under our breathes: “Huh. Interesting.”

Yep. The INTENSITY of the latter half of the song with repeated choral marks of ‘Surfrider’, is a gem.

Yes. A gem. What a turn of events, you see.

Close your eyes. Listen to the mastery of the ‘surfs’, the ‘beach’, and ‘the animals’, chucking their daily work and subsequently (without guilt) taking part in the video.

It’s a gem. Said it again.

Anywho, take a stab at this one. You’ll like.



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