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The Juniper Berries Share ‘Putty in Yr Hands’. “Don’t go mad. You’re already there.”

Invigoratingly demonic. Understatedly nihilistic. Rapturously presumptuous. Contradictory in terms, but never in detriment to the solace of the soul that THE JUNIPER BERRIES’ first intent of music. Interesting sounds and manipulations of waves come about from the manic talents of the quartet. They search world wide into the depths of their continental misgivings and internal frankness. There they purple dollops of quaint innocence, does its best to defeat such wide casting shadows of those who delegate…consume…and never victorious enough to surge. Frozen in time and frozen in ecstasy, TJB ripens with pejorative compliments, in the wake of the underworld.

Ghosts don’t have anything on this single.

Horror movies are not what this single is about. It’s more than that. It’s the overarching detriment to a ‘feeling’ that we burden ourselves with everyday. It’s the crushing mundane that makes us fall to our knees, as we weep in self judgement. It is the incessant narrative that we dangle on our necks like fake gold necklaces.

Ashland Oregon based band THE JUNIPER BERRIES gain ground in this ethereal and contextual single, by abandoning the normal and traditional, deciding to express with dextrous and brooding oddity.

The combination of 3 Californians with one Oregonian might be a part of the reason for such naughty offering. Or is it the therapy of ourselves in this desert land that cracks open our misty, wonton, and scarred hearts?

Love is that hard.

Don’t go mad. You’re already there.

Myles Simpson, Nina Myers, Joshua Stirm, and John Kealiinohomoku are THE JUNIPER BERRIES.



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