The Keepers ‘Champagne Candy’ : It wants you feel that too – even in the gloom.

The Keepers

Love and affection. That’s what The Keepers want to bring to the rock scene. And they do with glam and punk, mixed with positive attitudes, amplified by ol’ school rock sensibilities and vibes.

‘Champagne Candy’ is a documenting of “the class and power divide in the centre of London”. A story of all nations since humanity began, the struggles and challenges of society, imminently connected to wealth and distribution, is vibrantly displayed for listen in this single. A commentary that is looming and hard for us all to solve, The Keepers keeps an angle of that ‘one step at a time’ energy through a song and attitude.

There is a positivity that is ‘Champagne Candy’ and it wants you feel that too – even in the gloom.

Formed in the small towns outside of the capital city, The Keepers are made of Jordan Jones, Jack Isaac, Charlie Pinnock and Steve Smith.


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