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The Kneejerks Share ‘No Kisses’. Defend Yourself. You Don’t Know Me That Way.

“I care for you. Really, I do.” Don’t believe me, eh? Don’t believe yourself. Or just don’t believe the words coming out of my mouth. Ridiculous, you say? Yes. It is. But it’s ridiculous in a way that is ridiculous as your face. Sorry. That was childish.

“I take it back”, Jordy said with a fist pump. “I don’t deserve your attitude, your sniveling condescension, and patronizing outlook into my life as a whole.”

By the end of the argument the hotdogs were ready from the boiling they needed. After all, the ‘dogs’ were the kind that had the real ‘skins’ on them. The kind of skins that ‘snapped’ when bitten.

Jordy loved that kind of hotdog.

Melissa love that as well, and had to, for culinary reasons, had to pause for a bit to stir the hotdogs a bit more, and turn off the heat. Getting a large ceramic plate for the hotdogs, she carefully poked at them until one-by-one were placed carefully to cool a bit.

They were out of Relish, so this time Jordy and Melissa had to live with eating with only Sauerkraut and mustard. Jordy wished they had the ‘baseball stadium’ mustard kind, but they only had the generic supermarket brand.

Oh well.

The afternoon passed, and as dusk came, the two had forgotten what they were fighting about. They took out their cigarettes and sat; daydreaming after a good meal.

What shall they do for snacks?

The Kneejerks are a Ephrata, Pennsylvania band that is DIY, and certainly a mystery for us, so far. Hope to get to know them more.



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