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The KVB – Hands (2017 Re-Master)

Celebrating their original recording of ‘Hands’ from the Always Then LP (2012), the duo from The KVB shouts at us with this updated version. ‘Always Then’ was their debut full length album.

The 2017 version of ‘Hands’ still has the essence of the original, but with much different and expected crisper audio.

And this affords us to listen to the song differently.

We can feel better the angst and retribution, the chords can reek scars upon our chests.

“The original cover art featured a photo of a building in the centre of Mexico City, which was taken by friend and fellow musician Ela Orleans. Five years later, whilst on their debut tour of Latin America, the couple had a chance to make a pilgrimage to the same building and so the idea of revisiting and reissuing ‘Always Then’ was born.” – Invada Records

New art, updated cover, re-mastered full length of the debut album w/ bonus tracks. It’s out now for purchase. The vinyl is due out in 2018.

Anywho, it’s a fab and sexy song.

We dig it, as you can assume.

They’re rep’ed now by Invada Records, out of the Bristol.



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