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The KVB // Junodream // Martin Englert // Merival // j.r.

The KVB – Violet Noon

THE KVB’s newest album ‘Only Now Forever’ is available now. ‘Violet Noon’ is another vision of ethereal landscapes and ravishing thoughts, upon plumages of colors. The duo of Kat Day and Nicholas Wood makes up this delicious combination. And from 2011, the artistic canopies of shimmer and light has continuously been produced for their fans and their foraging mind of their minds. THE KVB is readily available to tackle that task with them. Get swept in – into that undertow of dreams and slices of realities.

Junodream – Odd Behaviour

Conscientious rock comes to the fore with JUNODREAM’s single ‘Odd Behaviour’. The Bristol/London based band will drop their debut EP ‘Terrible Things That Could Happen’ on April 12th, and with that event, we are in for a nice little surprise. “‘Odd Behaviour’ is a one way conversation between a couple in a car,” explained Dougal Gray. “Trying to get a response – by saying increasingly weird things – from someone too distant to listen. It’s comical but also very sad.” Indeed. “It’s not easy realising you’re in the middle of something rotten, especially when you don’t know what the problem is. Eventually you find yourself drifting away from someone you care about and the behaviour that comes to the surface can be kind of messed up.” Look out for more of this subtle Brit-rock modernity from JUNODREAM. The band consists of: Dougal Gray, Thomas Rea, Edward Vyvyan, Jake Gidley and Will Ryder. They’re ready to be in your rotation, today.

Martin Englert – We Just Need New Stars

“I wanted to create a song with a message that tells about the fate of the inhabitants of the earth who faced the approaching extinction from space,” said producer MARTIN ENGLERT. “The inspiration for me were not only recent reports related to Apophis or Bennu. I think that as people, sooner or later, we will have to face many other threats that can come from the depths of the cosmos.” Martin has faith in the hard work of humanity to seek other worlds before it’s too late. To spread our wings is what humans have been doing for the length of the species’ existence. So why not to the outer reaches of the galaxy we inhabit. Martin brings new-wave and world-music to a distinct path, and injects his kind of future to flourish. The perfect canvas.

Merival – I With Mine

We’d called her: “The impeccably presented constructor of lyrics, is just overflowing with a weather system sized amount of competitive feelings” for her single ‘Sinner’. Stated Merival: “I’m very curious about how and why we relate to each other as people. When the thread breaks between two people and it is unfixable or untenable – when you are simultaneously wanting it to work out, and grieving, and also recognizing that it never would have worked – there’s a poignancy there that I find fascinating.” Nothing has and will change with Merival’s catalogue of lyrical magic. It just continues with ‘I With Mine’, which is another demonstration of Merical’s “incredibly attractive mind, expressed in a moment in time”.

j.r. – BE MY MAN

Yep. You heard it right. ‘Be My Man’ is the explosion of sounds made by j.r. Rock and punk, gathered up in a corner of a Universe only conducted by solitary desires and j.r.’s delectable pension for uniqueness. Fuzzy indie-pop track of ‘Be My Man’ is Julianna Riolino’s way of clamoring for the substances of ought memories and cosmopolitan angsts. The Welland, Ontario (Canada) raised rocker engaged directly and unapologetically to her father’s vinyl collections. She is an artist, preservationist, and a pension for religious symbolisms. She incorporates what she knows and makes it reality though her amalgam of musical delights. All genres of music is her thang. Inspiration within those genres is her game. She gives it all, succinct and sweet.


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