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THE LAST BISON Shares New Single ‘Gold’. Been A While. Revamped. More Pop.

THE LAST BISON comes back with a new single ‘Gold’ and it’s a new addition to the traditionally Americana folk band. A bit more pop. A bit more anthemic. The trims have been refreshed and updated, with a line-up change (7 members to 3) but the energy is still captured and distributed for the little mortals at CHF to enjoy.

And we think you should enjoy the new single too.

Benjamin Hardesty’s vocals brings the ‘heat’. Then his mates Andrew Benfante and Amos Housworth glazes the single with some delicious percussions and keys. The dripping and tantalizing rock-ness is an anthem for the reaching of the horizon, where arms out-stretched, seems close but so far away.

But you’re there, my sweet girl.

“I won’t be killed off. I won’t be neglected. I will survive, and thrive.”



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