The Laytcomers ‘Repulsive’ : Pull out your arm to grab that big-gulp of expectations and ride.

The Laytcomers

Propulsive. Demented. Post-Primus like resurgence. A radiating radicalization comes from the bones of The Laytcomers.

We’d said of the band: “It’s biodegradable. Safe for your pets. Non corrosive. And best of all you will have the knowledge that you’re making your living space safe and clear of those nasty bed bugs – forever!…For only a nominal price, per canister, you can have Ilya Shkipin, Cye Husain, John Lee, and Sam Hardy’s formula for pest killer success – easily at your fingertips and convenience.”


“We came a long way in terms of musical development and taste,” said the band. “In recent years our project The Laytcomers started to gain its own identity especially after we got two new members from Craigslist (Sam on saxophone and John on drums). We still walk a line between catchy indie-rock, based on short catchy bass lines and guitar riffs, psychedelic sounds and ear-bleeding noise rock with amp feedback and all kinds of noises.”

Word, deux.

Their art is crass, unrelenting, repetitive, and inspired (i.e. Nick Cave). And in that sense, all you can do is turn on the TV, lie back on the Lazyboy, and pull out your arm to grab that big-gulp of expectations and ride.

Ride The Laytcomers vibe.


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